Computer Service Centre
Computer Service Centre


A flexible approach

- On-site or fully hosted
- IP, digital, analog, or SIP -
  in any combination

- How about no system at all?

- Conferencing facilities
- Remote Working
- Intelligent call handling and routing

A cornerstone of our business is always maintaining technology agnosticism, enabling us to provide transparent advice without commercial bias.

Market-leading systems, locally supported

We deliver Avaya’s market-leading IP Office telephony solution either as an on-site physical system, or as a hosted service. This means that we can focus purely on the requirements of your users. In either case, we will work with you to deliver feature-rich telephony, remote-working capabilities, reporting suites and all the benefits of state-of-art telephony. We’ll also be there as the new system rolls-out, on hand to guide users and train key operators for a smooth adoption.

Keeping an open mind

We can also evaluate whether you need a phone system at all.

Advances in Unified Communication platforms mean that soft-phones and headsets are a real alternative for some business. When powerful productivity tools such as one-click video conferencing and real-time desktop collaboration are thrown into the mix, this approach can provide powerful impetus for cultural change in your organisation.

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